About Us

chadura undertakes projects worth solvnig with socio-economical values. Our principles are to be creative, competetive, efficient and ethical. We never compromise on principles for the sake of commercial success.

For what?

Build better tomorrow with better and accecible technology. Good education teaches value of humanity, science and technology will help building our dreams and industry to fuel everything.

And how?

chadura belives there are four pillars in zootopian society, education, humanity, science and industry. We have visions and workplans for each those segments to make better tomorrow.

To where?

A better tomorrow fo everyone. Good education where humanity is valued, science and technology are seen as oppertunity rather than threat and ethical industry to fuel them all.


Empowering humanity through technology is our selection criteria. Our projects empower education, retail merchants, environment and any common man. We tailor solutions for every sector and common man with where technology can make their life better.


End-to-end encrypted cloud storage platform for academia and industry.


AI powered knowledge discovery and research strategizing platform for academia.

Metal Swan

An AI and robotics powered recylable and norecylable material detection and garbage segregater. Next generation solid waste management infrastructure for cleaner tomorrow.


User-centric configurable search engine with privacy and search relevancy redifined


Customer-centric geo localized e-commerce platform for retail merchants and product tracking platform for customers.


AI powered caliber for disabled persons who have the disbility in mobility. Self-balancing, data driven wearble soft-robotic limb.

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Our Skills

We are a sweet mixure of software architects, data scientists, geeks and artists at chadura.

Python / Django 100%
Big data/ Analytics 90%
Machine Learning 90%
IoT 90%
Psql 85%
.Net 70%
C# 70%
css & JavaScript 80%
Photoshop 70%

Glimpse of our creation

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AI powered Notepad (iOS, Android)


Mobile client for Maggana search engine


platform Android and iOS apps for localstore platform


Cloud based digital lab notebook


Customer-centric geo localized e-commerce platform for retail merchants


A Cloud storage platform for reaserchers





Academicprogress India

Academic search engine for India

Our partners

Brains behind the scene

Meet our daringly innovative team

Gnanavel Mutharasu

The wierdo

Kumaran Narayanasamy

The Hustler

Baskaran Dharmalingam

The Hacker

Parthasarathi Kathirvel

Data Geek

Aswin Gnanaprakash

All rounder jedi

Bharathi Mathiazhagan

DB Monk

Sitharthan chandrasekaran

Python Geek

Suresh Kumar A

App Geek


DB Tuner

Saranya Vijiya


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72, Kamarajar Coloney, Musiri, Tamilnadu, India

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+91 4326 262 336

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